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Banquet Terms and Conditions

Banquet Event & Catering General Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to the Event listed on the Banquet Event Order (BEO) and, where applicable, will supplement any agreement between Hotel and Account.
All menu pricing and items are subject to change without notice until BEO’s have been signed and returned by Account to the hotel. To include Room Rental and Audio Visual charges.
In order to establish Direct Bill privileges with the hotel:anticipated minimum revenue for the event must be $5,000 and a credit application must be provided to hotel no less than forty-five (45) days prior to your arrival/event.  If Direct Bill privileges are approved, payment in full will be due within thirty (30) days after your function. All undisputed charges not paid within 30 days will be subject to interest accruing at the rate of 1 ½% per month until paid.
If Direct Bill privileges are not established with the hotel, you agree entire estimated charges will be paid 10 days in advance by one of the following methods:company check, certified check, or credit card. Hilton accepts American Express, Diners Club, Discover Card, JCB International, Master Card or Visa. NOTE: company check must be received 15 days prior to event date.
Service Charge, Gratuity & Sales Tax
The combined gratuity and service that is in effect on the day of your Event will be added to your account.  Currently, the combined charge is equal to 25% of the food and beverage, plus any applicable state and/or local taxes.  Room rental and Set up charges are subject to 25% service charge and 6% sales tax. A portion of this combined charge (currently 65%) is a gratuity and will be fully distributed to servers, and where applicable, bussers and/or bartenders. The remainder of the combined charge (currently 35%) is a service charge that is not a gratuity and is the property of the Hotel to cover discretionary and administrative costs of your event. We will endeavor to notify you in advance of your Event of any increases to the combined charge should different gratuity and/or service charge amounts be in effect on the day of your Event. Service Charge is taxable.
Labor Charges
You will be billed for services per your BEO based on the following, plus service charge and applicable tax:
Chef’s Fee for Action Stations, Carving Stations - $150 per station, per 2 hours
Bartender Fee - $150 each, for up to 3 hrs. Additional hours $40 each, per hour. (Host Bar)
Bartender-Cashier Fee - $150 each, for up to 3 hrs. Additional hours $40 each, per hour. (Cash Bar)
Small event labor charge - $175 for lunch and dinner events with a guarantee of 20 people or less
Rental Fees
Rental is subject to service charge and tax. Contracted food and beverage shortage will be charged as rental. 
The exact number of attendees (Guarantee) to attend each Event must be provided by 12pm local time prior to the event date, per the schedule below. If the number of actual attendees is less than the number of Guarantee, account is responsible for paying for the number of Guarantee. If the number of actual attendees is more than Guarantee, the account is responsible for the total number of attendees. Maximum overset will not exceed 3% of the final guarantee. Overset Fee of $75 per table will apply if 3% overset is exceeded.
Guarantee Schedule:
EVENT DAY                                                                GUARANTEE DUE DAY – BY 12 PM
Saturday, Sunday, Monday                                           Wednesday
Tuesday                                                                      Thursday
Wednesday                                                                  Friday
Thursday                                                                     Monday
Friday                                                                         Tuesday
Off Premise Catered Events
Off Premise Catered Events will be assessed an appropriate fee in addition to standard or custom menu prices. This fee will encompass rental of tables, chairs, linens, china, accompaniments, labor, and transportation. After your specific event needs have been determined you will be required to confirm in writing the fee that will apply to your event. 24% Service Charge and applicable taxes will apply.
Food and Beverage
All food and beverage served in Hotel must be supplied and prepared by the Hotel.Outside food and beverage is not permitted in event or food service areas. Under Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission regulations, the Hilton Palacio del Rio is responsible for the controlled consumption of alcoholic beverages on our premises and at any off premise event we cater. The sale, service and consumption of alcoholic beverage is regulated by the State of Texas and will be enforced by Hotel.
Event Meeting Space
Hotel will re-assign event space in accordance with the expected attendance listed on the BEO or, where applicable, the schedule of events in any agreement between Hotel and Account. Hotel may make reasonable changes to function space by notifying Account.
Room Reset fee of $250 per meeting space will be applied for resets requested less than 36 hours in advance of event start time, to cover additional hotel labor cost incurred by late requests/changes.
Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel currently offers Valet Parking Only.  Hotel Valet Parking is on a space available basis and at published rates, currently $42 Overnight Valet Parking and $22 for Event Valet Parking (non-hotel guests attending a hotel event).  Applicable tax will apply.
Hotel policy is (1) vehicle per guest room for overnight guests. 
Oversized vehicles may require alternate arrangements. 
Receiving-Shipping and Storage
Package Handling fees apply for Incoming AND Outgoing packages. Hotel has limited storage space, Standard size pallets will be broken down outside and content moved into hotel.
All packages are to be delivered to the Front Desk.
Boxes delivered within the three days of event are not subject to pre & post storage fees.
Group is responsible to make advance arrangements, directly with their delivery/trucking company, to load-in/load-out shipments between truck into hotel and from hotel into truck. A lift gate may be required, in addition to delivery/trucking staff to load-in and load-out.
Once shipped items are inside, Hotel Handling charges apply.

The Hotel does not operate a full service Business Center on site.

Complete Shipping-Receiving & Storage information is on our ePlanner website www.palaciodelrio.hiltoneplanner.com, under Meeting & Convention tab; Shipping and Receiving. Or, contact you Event-Catering Manager.
Outside Vendors
Should you elect to utilize outside vendors or subcontractors on Hotel premises for your event, including but not limited to, a destination management company, audio/visual services, caterer, decorators, or others, you must notify us of your intention to use such providers at least thirty (30) days in advance of your Event. Your outside vendor must sign a hold harmless, indemnification and insurance agreement in favor of Hotel, Hotel’s Owner and Group, and provide proof of insurance in amounts acceptable to Hotel (amounts and types of insurance may be changed or increased in Hotel’s sole discretions based on the type of services the outside vendor will be providing) before your outside vendor/contractor will be allowed to provide services on Hotel premises.
Security for Events and Exhibits -
Hotel Ballrooms and/or Meeting Space with air-walls are NOT securable rooms. See your Catering or Event Manager IN ADVANCE should you desire Secured Meeting Space.

Security arrangements must be made with your Catering or Event Manger no less than 2 weeks in advance of group arrival.

Hotel's Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for all Security arrangements and approval.

An hourly charge of $25 per hour for hotel provided Security will be billed, plus tax.

3rd Party Security requires advance approval from the General Manager and Director of Loss Prevention
 - -
If required, in our sole judgment, in order to maintain adequate security measures in light of the size and/or nature of your Event, you will provide, at your expense, security personnel supplied by a reputable licensed guard or security agency doing business in the city or county in which we are located, which agency will be subject to our prior approval. Such security personnel may not carry weapons. Five (5) business days in advance,your security agency must sign a hold harmless, indemnification and insurance agreement in the form currently in use at Hotel in favor of Hotel, Hotel’s Owner and Group, and must provide proof of insurance in amounts acceptable to Hotel before they will allowed to provide security services on Hotel premises.
Conduct of Event
You assume full responsibility for the conduct of all persons in attendance at your Event and for any damage done to any part of our premises during the time of your Event, whether caused by you, your agents, employees, contractors or attendees, including any damage resulting from or connected with transportation, placing, removal or display of exhibits, displays or other items related to your Event. You also agree that your Event will not create any disturbance to other guests or meetings, such as noise, smoke or fog machines, dry ice, confetti cannons, candles, incense, or any activity that generates odor. Hotel reserves the right to end your Event immediately if you do not comply with Hotel’s request to reduce or eliminate any such disturbance and you will remain responsible for payment of all charges related to your Event and no refunds will be issued by Hotel. Should you require any rigging services for this Event, all such services must be arranged through the in-house audio-visual provider or the Hotel, you will be responsible for all costs associated therewith.
Disclosure, Laws and Policies
Account will be responsible for determining whom it needs to disclose any terms of BEO’s or Contracts to. Each party will comply with all federal, state/provincial and local laws and Hotel rules and policies.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, you will agree to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Hotel, and the Hotel’s Owner, and their respective owners, managers, partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents, (collectively, the “Hotel Indemnified Parties”), from and against any and all claims, losses or damages to persons or property, governmental charges or fines, penalties, and costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees) (collectively, “Claim(s)”), in any way arising out of or relating to the Event that is the subject of this Agreement, and regardless of negligence, including , but not limited to Claims arising out of the negligence, gross negligence or intentional misconduct of Group’s employees, agents, contractors, and attendees; provided, however, that nothing in this indemnification shall require you to indemnify the Hotel Indemnified Parties for that portion of any Claim arising out of the sole negligence, gross negligence or intentional misconduct of the Hotel Indemnified Parties.
You agree to maintain insurance reasonably commensurate with all activities arising from or connected to your Event, including, but not limited to, Commercial General Liability insurance with limits not less than One-Million US dollars ($1,000,000 US) per occurrence covering property damage, products-completed operations, and liability assumed under an insured contract, including the tort liability of another assumes in a business contract.You agree to add Hotel Indemnified Parties as additional insureds under all applicable policies for your event, and your insurance will apply as primary to any insurance maintained by the Hotel Indemnified Parties.You agree not to endorse or change your insurance to make it excess over other available insurance.Neither your failure to provide, nor our failure to obtain, proof of compliance shall act as a waiver of any of term in this Agreement.

Cancellation of the Event will result in full payment of estimated charges as noted on the BEO or, where applicable, in any signed agreement between Hotel and Account. Cancellation must be submitted to Hotel in writing.


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