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Audio Visual

Audio Visual

PSAV, is our in-house and on-site audio visual company.
For more than 78 years, PSAV® has been setting the standard for event technology services within the hotel, resort and conference center industry, offering the expertise for everything from intimate gatherings to large conventions.
Today, audiovisual support is no longer simply a microphone and a flipchart. It now includes computer interfaces, high-definition imaging, rigging, power distribution, component video, special effects, concert sound and lighting, internet and network services, virtual meetings, plus all the traditional basic equipment. Their focus is on delivering innovative technology, combined with legendary customer service to ensure your satisfaction and that of your attendees.
Please contact PSAV at:
Joey Cuevas, Director
phone    210-270-0808
email     Click Here
Outside contractors and production companies are allowed. The hotel maintains no storage facilities for audio/visual equipment. This is the sole responsibility of the contracted agency.
Cabling, wires, cords on the floor must be covered. Tape is not permitted.
Refer to the Production Guidelines tab for further detailed information.
Production companies are required to provide the hotel with detailed move in/out schedules.
All rigging requests must be discussed directly with PSAV. Please include your Catering/Event Manager in all correspondence with PSAV. 

Dedicated Bandwidth Options

We have dedicated bandwidth options. You can use this link, Click Hereto see what bandwidth options we can provide you.

Daily Bandwidth

Helios Subclass


Daily Dedicated Bandwidth 512kbps

$ 380

Daily Dedicated Bandwidth 1Mbps

$ 715

Daily Dedicated Bandwidth 1.5Mbps

$ 1,015

Daily Dedicated Bandwidth 3Mbps

$ 1,755

Daily Dedicated Bandwidth 5Mbps

$ 2,500

Daily Dedicated Bandwidth 7Mbps

$ 3,215

Daily Dedicated Bandwidth 10Mbps

$ 4,165

Weekly Bandwidth

Helios Subclass


Weekly Dedicated Bandwidth 512kbps

$ 950

Weekly Dedicated Bandwidth 1Mbps

$ 1,790

Weekly Dedicated Bandwidth 1.5Mbps

$ 2,540

Weekly Dedicated Bandwidth 3Mbps

$ 4,390

Weekly Dedicated Bandwidth 5Mbps

$ 6,525

Weekly Dedicated Bandwidth 7Mbps

$ 8,040

Weekly Dedicated Bandwidth 10Mbps

$ 10,415


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