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Shipping And Receiving

Shipping And Receiving

Please be advised the hotel charges for Incoming AND Outgoing shipments.
To assist us in addressing your specific needs, please contact your Catering/Event Manager.
NOTE: Group is responsible to make advance arrangements, directly with their delivery/trucking company, to load-in/load-out shipments between truck into hotel and from hotel into truck.  A lift-gate truck may be required, in addition to delivery/trucking staff to load-in/load-out.    

Once shipment is inside the hotel, Handling and Shipping charges for both Incoming and Outgoing will apply.
Shipments received more than three (3) days before Program Dates are subject to additional fees, as hotel has limited storage space.  Additionally, shipments not picked up three (3) days post Program Dates are subject to the same fees.
COD packages are not accepted.

When shipping materials to the hotel, please include the following information on each package shipping label to insure
proper delivery: 

Hilton Palacio del Rio 
200 S. Alamo Street
San Antonio TX 78205
  • Name of your Conference 
  • Event Dates
  • Guest Name ( OR name of individual claiming the package(s) )
  • Attention of :  <name of your Catering or Event Manager >
  • Your CELL Phone number 
  • Number of packages in that shipment (ie #_____ of ____ boxes)
We recommend you have a packing slip both inside and outside of each package.
Guests are responsible for the packing of and return of all packages.

Storage space is very limited at Hilton Palacio del Rio.
Be aware there are limitations to be considered regarding ingress/egress to the hotel.
Standard size Pallets must be broken down, content will be brought into the hotel and grouped together.

If you anticipate shipping a moderate to large volume of boxes, materials, pallets, or equipment - it is imperative you consult with your Catering/Event Manager as early as possible to contract a separate space for storage or plan to utilize your designated office space. Rental fees may apply.

Please do not ship valuables. Hotel is not responsible for contents.

Hotel policies on safe package handling are based on the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
* For Pricing refer to Shipping Instructions and Pricing attachment. 


Should you have Exhibitors for your program or event you will need to advise your Catering/Event Manager in advance how billing and payment will be handled for Exhibitor shipments, box handling and delivery.

Please advise :
     Billed to Group Master Account
     Exhibitors ON OWN for all charges - each exhibitor is to complete and return Credit Card Authorization (attached).

Advance payment arrangement is required in order to insure boxes and materials are delivered to the meeting space as needed. On Site payment is not always possible, depending on date and hours.

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