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Guest Room Deliveries

Guest Room Deliveries

Bell Service staff is responsible for the delivery of all non-food and beverage amenities, in addition to the movement of your luggage, luggage/bag handling/storage.  

Please refer to our guest room delivery and porterage charges below (rates are subject to change):

•Door Hanger delivery - $3 per room/guest
•In-Room Delivery - $5 per room/guest
•In-Room Delivery for large or multiple items - $8 per room/guest
•Front Desk Engagement Delivery - $10 per room/guest
•Porterage - $5 per bag One way. $10 per bag Round-trip.
•Luggage Pull - $5 per bag
•Staffed Luggage Room attendant fee - $25 per hour, per attendant 
NOTE: All Group related Porterage, Baggage pulls, Departure Notices, and Room Deliveries are coordinated through your Catering or Event Services Manager. 
Please speak to your Catering or Event Services Manager regarding special need requests.

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