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Group Arrivals And Departures

Group Check-In, Arrivals and Departures

The Hilton Palacio del Rio has a specially designed group entrance to accommodate the needs of your group. It has a porte cochére and ample room for bus loading and unloading.  It is also conveniently located near the ballrooms and meeting rooms. This area may be reserved and set up for satellite check-in and convention registration,
depending on your arrival pattern.

All coach arrivals will be directed to the group entrance, as the front entrance
becomes easily congested and large movements can be more efficiently
accommodated at the group entrance.

Your guests will be asked to remit credit or a cash deposit upon arrival for their
incidental charges, unless we have agreed to accept a letter of guarantee from
your organization, and it is on file at time of check-in.

If your guests are arriving via group transportation and an arrival manifest has been
supplied, we will be happy to have all of the rooms assigned in advance and key
packets prepared. If your guests will be arriving at scattered times throughout
the day with no transportation arrangements made or arrival manifest, we will
assign rooms on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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